Street Art Sessions

Stree Art Sessions

A short clip by Ethic Cinema showing two street art events in the south of France. This clip is the first project from Ethic Cinema and was made as a proof of concept for most of the (Free/Libre) technologies that we currently use.


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Pepper & Carrot - Episode 6

Pepper & Carrot - Episode 6

An animated short made by Project Morevna and based on the Pepper & Carrot comic by David Revoy. Pepper & Carrot is about "Pepper", a young witch and her cat, "Carrot". They live in a fun fantasy universe made of potions, magic and creatures.


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An ethical concept

ETHIC CINEMA is non profit organization made by various artists and film makers, working together on making “libre” cinematographic art.

ETHIC CINEMA is also a concept that has for goal to contribute to an ethical economy around artistic creations. This economy is based on collaborative work and free sharing of creativity and knowledge.

ETHIC CINEMA also give a financial support to third party film projects that wish to join the concept.

This concept is defined by 3 essential rules.

The 3 rules :

Free Software


A film labeled « ETHIC CINEMA » is mainly made with Free/Libre technologies.



In order to maintain the collaborative harmony, a production labeled « ETHIC CINEMA » technically and/or financially supports the creation or development of one or more Free/Libre technologies.

Approved for Free Cultural Works


Any creation and development within an « ETHIC CINEMA » project is released under a Free/Libre license that is approved as Free Cultural Works