street art sessions

“Street Art Sessions”

For this short video we have been using the latest technologies from 1989 in term of visual creations (Color Super 8 film, VHS, computer generated 3D…)

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ETHIC CINEMA is non profit organization made by 2 French film makers and various artists, working together on making “libre” cinematographic art.

ETHIC CINEMA is also a concept that has for goal to contribute to an ethical economy around artistic creations. This economy is based on collaborative work and free sharing of creativity and knowledge. In this economy, there is no profit based on intellectual property as this intellectual property is defined by the original author as a public property. With this concept, profit comes from the harmony and the resonance effect that takes place from the growing number of protagonists. One’s contribution benefits to everyone. Everyone’s contributions benefit to one.

The interest and support of the public in the non restrictive and freely accessible art is the fuel of the economy.

This is the definition of what some call the Open Source movement, but in our case, we call it “Libre Art”.


This concept is defined by 3 essential rules :

A film labeled “ETHIC CINEMA” is mainly made with free/libre technologies. Proprietary technology may be used when the creative team has some specific need for it and no free equivalence exists. In this case, you should refer to the second rule.
In order to maintain the collaborative harmony, a production labeled “ETHIC CINEMA” technically and/or financially supports the creation or development of one or more free/libre technologies.
Any creation and development within an “ETHIC CINEMA” project is released under a free/libre license.


The “ETHIC CINEMA” concept is released as a Label under a free license for anyone to be able to freely reuse it on their own productions.

Please read the full concept for more details.